Sep 25, 2020
Seven Signs that Your Company Needs a GRC Solution

GRC solution enables you to create and coordinate policies and controls and align them with the general regulatory and internal compliance requirements. The cloud or on-premise software introduces automation for many operational processes, which increases efficiency and reduces the complexity of the compliance-related activities. How do you know if your company needs it?

Aug 20, 2020
How to Check If You Align with the Data Privacy Law: A GDPR Compliance Checklist

Times of the fuss around the GDPR introduction is over – now it’s the law that all organizations dealing with personal data of EU residents have to comply with; otherwise, a violation will lead to inevitable financial consequences. How to ensure that your organization is GDPR compliant?

Aug 14, 2020
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Why it is Essential Today

A load of work on Critical Infrastructures today is tremendous, taking into account the ever-growing cyberthreats and the world crisis 2020 triggered by COVID-19 outbreak.
How can CI organizations strengthen their security during the hard times and what can help them to build a robust ISMS?

Aug 04, 2020
Digital Transformation of Compliance: Trends for 2021

Compliance teams face challenging times ahead with increasing regulation, the new normal and an expectation that they will prevent crime without inhibiting the customer experience. The pace of change continues unabated, and 2021 looks like being no exception. For most organizations, throwing more people at the compliance challenges is not an option, so we should expect to continue to see significant increase in digital transformation in terms of AI, automation and simplification of compliance-related processes.

Jul 30, 2020
IT Security Assessments Going Online: A Guide to Performing a Virtual Audit

Cyber security audits provide the basic cyber security foundation for building and improving your ISMS. In the new reality, virtual audits are becoming in-demand. What is the difference between a regular audit and a virtual assessment? What happens during the virtual IT audit and how to perform it?

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