Jan 28, 2021

How to Align with Data Privacy Regulations

What you need to know about your privacy online - how to enhance compliance with the data privacy regulations in 2021.
Data Privacy in 2021

The Data Protection Day occurs every January 28 as a reminder about maintaining online privacy for internet users and GDPR compliance for businesses. The tradition dates back to Jan. 28, 1981, when Convention 108 – the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection was signed. The US and Canada started to celebrate it as “National Data Privacy Day” in 2014. This Day is aimed to emphasize the importance of privacy awareness and education effort.

Why Online Privacy Matters More than Ever Today

2020 was the year to change businesses forever. The e-commerce market grew by 18% during the last year, while 75% of buyers and sellers now prefer digital communication to personal offline interactions. As businesses were forced to go online due to pandemics in 2020, it became crucial for online sellers to grasp their online data protection and privacy. More businesses that have switched to e-commerce and deal with personal information face regulatory pressures from data privacy authorities.

Data Privacy in 2022: Things to Consider

  • Regulatory and legal activity related to employee privacy will double in the next 12 months, as organizations will have to collect more and more employee data. Companies that fail to take a thoughtful approach to employee data will face an increased flow of employee privacy lawsuits in 2021. Organizations should pay specific attention to privacy by design when processing employee personal data.
  • Besides reviewing GDPR-related activities, businesses need to consider industry-specific regulations on data privacy.
  • Incorporating “data as a service” solutions will enable organizations that collect, analyze and responsibly share data with third parties to create unprecedented revenue opportunities.
  • The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) 2.0 will introduce federal privacy legislation in the US. Organizations need to identify what aspects of CPRA will apply to them and keep their eyes turned toward the national legislation when introduced to adjust their approach.
  • To get things settled with data protection, it is crucial to keep fingers at the pulse and include data protection law into your compliance strategy.

What’s Ahead: Experts’ Forecast

“Things changed in 2020; digitalization continued to experience extreme growth. The progress likely will not stop in 2021. As it was crucially important to adapt to new requirements quickly, it will be even more critical this year to scrutinize and analyze business processes and data flows. The question “who receives certain personal data and for what reason?” becomes ever so important, making them compliant to the regulations of GDPR.
Together with expertree consulting’s “Data Privacy as a Service” – powered by Infopulse SCM – we can help customers position themselves accordingly, become compliant to new requirements, and adopt recommended actions powered by our tool-driven “Data Privacy as a Service.” And due to the collective intelligence of best practices garnered over time, every customer benefits directly from the experience as well as lessons learned by other customers in our network.”

Daniel Schreiner, expertree consulting


New regulatory pressures on data privacy require a new approach to its management to keep your data safe and align all the data management processes with relevant regulations. Maintain your data protection smartly with a 365 compliance solution Infopulse SCM that encompasses ROPA and TOMs for GDPR compliance and allows you to manage multiple standards within one tool.

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