Jun 19, 2019

ISO 27001 – Are you ready for a Check?

We do not have to invent the wheel in building the information security management system (ISMS). Based on the best practices in the industry, the first standard in the 27000 family provides guidelines on how to establish, organize and join security controls under a unified managing center. However, when implementation stage is behind, how can we make sure we are ready to proceed to certification?
iso 27001 check

The ISO 27001:2013 as compared to its 2005 version contains a series of new security controls within eleven groups. This amendment was inevitable due to dramatic changes that occurred in the technologies and business environment during the last decade.

The implementation of industrial standards like ISO 27001 is a formidable task. There is no easy solution. Companies put great effort and resources engaging implementation guides, expert advice, software toolkits, and automated solutions.

Knowing where you are

Finally, the implementation process is behind. Sweat and tears, tons of paperwork, heavy miles of running up and down between the office rooms. What comes next? What should we know before initiating the certification process?

After your organization has invested time and effort into implementing its security system, the next step is to find out how you are going in it. The BSI Group offers a detailed checklist to make the self-assessment on the readiness of your organization to ISO 27001 certification.

The checklist covers 19 areas with several items in each area totaling to about one hundred questions. Completing the questionnaire provides the information required for analysis.

  • The organization and its content
  • Needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Scope of the ISMS
  • Leadership and management commitment
  • Information security policy
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risks and opportunities of ISMS implementation
  • Information security risk treatment
  • Information security objectives and planning
  • ISMS resources and competence
  • Awareness and communication
  • Documented information
  • Operational planning and control
  • Monitoring, measurement, and evaluation
  • Internal audit
  • Management review
  • Corrective action and continual improvement
  • Security controls

The last area related to security controls in the BSI list is the most extensive one containing 43 questions. There is a good reason behind it. The security controls are the core of every ISMS.

Taking time to tick the boxes on the list, believe you finally have some solid picture. Well, it is still far from the answer where you are. You need a method to calculate the score and interpret it into a conclusion. That means you are to analyze the gathered data to identify your position in the compliance process.

There is a tough choice to figure it out oneself, engage expensive consultants or rely upon automated security solutions, which have such a feature onboard. The first option takes time. It requires expertise in the information security area and entails a certain risk of mistake. Security expert services are not cheap but are the most reliable. Today, there are software solutions on the market worth considering.

What do we eventually expect from it?

Certification in the standard is not an ultimate goal but a tool to achieve greater results. Being certified in ISO 27001 paves a road to several outstanding objectives:

  • Organization enhanced potential on the market
  • Assurance to the organization’s partners and customers of its and their data security
  • The increased bottom line in an organization’s revenue due to lower risk
  • Improved processes due to compliance with the industry best practices and regulations
  • Positive impact on an organization’s stakeholders, clients, and employees
  • And a lot more

Software solutions can be an optimal approach. They are created by security experts and usually include bundles of supporting services. Infopulse SCM provides complete support on the way of ISMS implementation, from identifying objectives to automated periodic audits of your organization’s compliance status as per ISO 27001 or any other standards.

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