Feb 20, 2020

What Stands Behind Automotive Compliance (ASPICE and TISAX)

Today, most of our private data is located in cyberspace. Is it 100% safe there? With the rapid development of technologies in the modern tech world, cyber crimes have become quite common. Thus, cybersecurity and data privacy has been a burning issue for most companies dealing with online data processing.
What Is TISAX?

ASPICE and TISAX are basic international security standards for automotive companies. They aim to help businesses decrease the risks of data leakages and ensure all the development processes are safe.

What Is TISAX?

TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. It is a framework for the international information security standard VDA ISA, based on ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002. TISAX allows companies to process and assess the security of vulnerable information from their clients. Over 2.500 companies already use it in more than 40 countries.

The following processes and modules are estimated under TISAX:

  • Your connection to third parties.
  • Data security.
  • Prototype protection.

Four Basic Steps in Starting With TISAX

  • Register in the system. You have to go to the official TISAX website and start your registration there.
  • Select an audit provider, a company entitled to carry out audits of your enterprise .
  • Undergo an assessment; your report should be available in two weeks after.
  • Share the results of this assessment with existing and potential partners within TISAX. It is up to you to decide whom to share the results.

What Does ASPICE Stand For?

ASPICE is a security standard developed in 2005 by car manufacturers based on the ISO/IEC 15504 standards. Its main goal is to guide automotive companies through the security matters of the software. Today, any information referring to users or suppliers can become sensitive and requires further actions to be secure.

ASPICE can help you to:

  • launch a project within a company,
  • improve the development processes,
  • keep them manageable,
  • define the life cycle for automotive software.

How To Get Certified With ASPICE

To gain certification, you should apply for it within one of the certified Assessors by the VDA QMC. The assessors visit your company and examine your products. They also check the documentation and interview your employees to see how standards work in the company.

How ASPICE and TISAX Can Help Companies Overcome Challenges

The main challenge that automotive businesses deal with today is ensuring data management security.

The growing role of the electronics in the car building and the need for lean production forced car makers to get software components from third-party suppliers. They faced several issues, e.g., the proper integration of car components, interoperability of the modern car elements, and distributed intelligence of the software used in car-building.

Being certified today according to standards ISO and IEC 15504 empower companies to build reliable partnerships. They can simplify the workflow and ensure the security of the software and equipment acquired from third-parties.

They provide your company with extra security measures. Besides, the introduction of ASPICE/ TISAX can drive several significant benefits to your business:

  • Evolving and bringing in new opportunities due to the high quality of the processes.
  • Reduced risks of data leakages by providing consistent guidelines and security measures.
  • With certifications, your business receives a significant basis for safety engineering.
  • Gaining better control and transparency of all the ongoing developmental processes.
  • Increased ability to multitask and complex project management.
  • Decreased task forces, reduced quality costs, and enhanced team productivity.

Eventually, it will result in higher customer satisfaction.

If you decide to apply for ASPICE, keep in mind that it is time-demanding. Certification is a complex process that may take you from 2 months to 2 years.

Compliance with international standards today is not a privilege anymore, but an absolute must for trustworthy companies.

Among companies that comply with the ASPICE / TISAX are the following: IBM, Tech Mahindra, Volkswagen, Marvell, Ford, BMW, Microsoft, Nexus, TÜViT, and many others. Infopulse professionals are among them!

What You Should Know About Adopting ISO/IEC 15504, ASPICE, and TISAX Standards  

You can start implementing ASPICE/TISAX standards in your company at any stage of your business path. New startups seeking reliable partners and top-notch quality for their customers can apply for certification at the very beginning. Experienced companies that plan to reach new business opportunities, update the workflow management, or revolutionize their operational processes can benefit from certification, too. Implementation of ASPICE and TISAX can become one of the most significant steps in reaching their business goals. It allows companies to handle dependencies of work products and processes and reaching transparency, traceability, and consistency.

What Can Make the Implementation of TISAX/ASPICE Standards Easier? 

It would be a great advantage for you to know which processes should be documented for ASPICE/TISAX certification. You should also be aware of potential gaps your company could have that would prevent you from reaching your certification goals.

We understand how sophisticated the process may seem at first glance. To make it a bit easier, we have integrated the ASPICE into Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager. Our solution will help you start the preparation process and reach the main goal – ASPICE certification.

If ASPICE is your goal and you need an in-depth consultation or prior assessment of your readiness for ASPICE/TISAX certification, request a quote from Infopulse. Being the best compliance friend, we will handle all necessary processes for you within the shortest terms and at your convenience. 

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