Feb 09, 2022

What’s new in the IT-Grundschutz Compendium 2022

The IT-Grundschutz Compendium is out now. Together with the BSI standards, it forms the basis for anyone who wants to establish information security management systems comprehensively.

The 2022 edition of the IT-Grundschutz Compendium contains 104 IT-Grundschutz modules. There are seven new IT-Grundschutz modules and 97 modules from the 2021 edition, 16 building blocks of which have been revised for the 2022 edition.

New modules in IT-Grundschutz Compendium 2022

The following seven new IT-Grundschutz modules have been added:

  • OPS.1.1.7 system management 
  • OPS.1.2.6 NTP time synchronization 
  • APP.4.4 Kubernetes 
  • SYS.1.6 containerization 
  • IND.3.2 remote maintenance in the industrial environment 
  • INF.13 Technical building management 
  • INF.14 Building automation

The IT-Grundschutz team received valuable feedback from the professional practice of information security officers and other experienced users to help make the content even more up-to-date and practical. The individual module texts were then viewed and revised; as a result, 16 IT-Grundschutz modules were updated in the 2022 edition. 

Modules that were significantly revised

14 modules from the 2021 edition undergone extensive changes that may affect certification procedures, or existing security concepts: 

  • CON.3 data backup concept 
  • CON.8 software development 
  • CON.10 development of web applications 
  • OPS.1.1.5 logging 
  • OPS. 1.1.6 Software tests and releases 
  • OPS.1.2.5 Remote maintenance 
  • APP.3.1 Web applications and web services 
  • APP.4.3 Relational databases
  •  APP.6 General software 
  • SYS.1.1 General Server 
  • SYS.1.5 Virtualization 
  • SYS.1.7 IBM Z 
  • SYS.2.1 General Client 
  • SYS.2.2.3 Clients under Windows 10

Infopulse SCM enables seamless migration from Compendium 2021 to the new Compendium 2022 by automatic migration features built-in in the tool. This feature will be available to the users in the new version of Infopulse SCM in Q2 2022.

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