Oct 13, 2021

World Standards Day 2021: An Overview of ISO’s Greatest Hits

The World International Standards Day is celebrated on October 14th aiming to increase awareness and understanding why compliance with the standards is crucial for organization on a global scale and how it can foster pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals.
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Internationally recognized standards, which encompass IT security, energy management, healthcare, environmental performance, food safety, and many other sectors, exemplify professional knowledge put into practice. ISO Standards represent crucial values directed at enhancing the quality management of esteemed businesses with missions to create a healthier, safer and more environmentally-friendly world for everyone. More than 1.3 million ISO certificates in all the relevant modern spheres remain in force throughout the world.

On the International Standards Day on October 14th, we’re giving you a short roundup of ISO Standards implemented in the intuitive multi-standard GRC solution Infopulse SCM.

ISO 27001 Standard for ISMS Security

ISO 27001 provides guidelines for effective establishment and maintenance of the Information Security Management System (ISMS). As the cost of data breaches has amounted to $4.24 million in 2021, businesses tend to continuously work on enhancement of their IT security and data protection. The success of this task is guaranteed if you make use of the ISMS implementation checklist helping you to achieve ISMS certification according to the requirements of IT security standard ISO 27001.
Fortune 500 companies, such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, prove the validity of the ISMS security incorporation, all being ISO 27001-certified. Each of these corporations has embedded robust cyber risk management into their systems, as private data exposure and cyber-attacks have become their daily concerns.

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ISO 27019 for Energy-Supplying Organizations

This guidance is of utmost importance to all companies involved in the energy utility industry. ISO 27019 helps to develop, enhance, and control all the integral sectors of production and supply of the energy resources, such as oil, heat, electric power, and gas. It also immerses in digital protection and communication technology in the industry, introducing the safest ways of energy power distribution.
ISO 27019 is grounded on the security techniques of ISO 27001, with a focus on energy-supplying corporations. KRITIS organizations employ ISO 27019 to avoid the possible functioning failures in their control domain.

ISO 9001: Build your Quality Management System 

The implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system guarantees the adherence to supreme standards of the offered products or services. When a corporation obtains the ISO 9001 certification, it automatically enhances its reputation and contributes to the expansion of sales growth opportunities. More than 1 million companies across the globe have obtained certification based on the quality management system ISO 9001.

ISO 22301: The Vital ISO Standard for Extensive Business Continuity Management

This international standard has become fundamental in light of the global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The core function of the ISO 22301 based business continuity management system is ensuring a swift response of business to force majeure events. It allows creating an effective backup plan in the business setting in case of sudden disruptions of the usual work processes.
The ISO 22301 helps to estimate all the potential risks during the crisis to avoid detrimental effects on the business itself, as well as minimize reputational and financial loss in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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ISO 14001: Manage Your Environmental Responsibilities 

The implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental management system encourages organizations to become more environmentally compatible. If a company enhances its eco-friendly image, demonstrating the effectiveness of holistic approaches on waste reduction and recycling, its contribution to environmental conservation will guarantee a competitive edge. Moreover, it will attract trusting stakeholder relationships. ISO 14001 environmental management is not only related to the increase of the conservational potential of an organization, but also the authentication of its cost-efficiency.

 Multiple Standard Compliance Management

Managing multiple standards may be quite overwhelming and challenging for an organization that has to be compliant with a vast number of regulations and laws. However, modern technology has a proven effective method to resolve the challenge by maintaining a holistic tool-driven approach with the proper GRC solution Infopulse SCM.
The solution enables CISOs and DPOs to address their challenges, minimize efforts and automate routine work. It enables businesses to maintain a comprehensive view over compliance across the entire organization by offering a multi-standard approach and assists in preparing for pre-certification audits.

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