May 24, 2021

i-doit and Infopulse partner to enhance compliance integration possibilities

Infopulse SCM and the leading Germany-based provider of IT documentation i-doit join efforts to deliver the compliance-secure CMDB solution and re-shape the digital future.
partnership i-doit infopulse

Together we will enhance the integration possibilities of the Infopulse Standard Compliance Manager and i-doit’s IT documentation solution with the advantages of a CMDB.

How the Integration of i-doit IT Documentation and Infopulse SCM Works

The Infopulse SCM REST-API-based interface synchronizes assets from i-doit with corresponding target objects in SCM via one-to-one mapping or grouping. That is all physical guest WiFi networks from i-doit can be mapped to a single target object “guest WiFi network” in Infopulse SCM, as soon as they all share the same IT security compliance requirements.

The compliance regulations can then be automatically defined in SCM for all assets (or for the groups of similar assets) from i-doit, including BSI IT-Grundschutz, ISO 27001/2, TISAX, KRITIS / B3S and similar standards. i-Doit will enable customers to know how many assets are available, while SCM will provide them with the necessary measures to implement in order to be compliant.

About i-doit

i-doit with 25 years of experience is the leading software provider of IT documentation in over 36 countries. We ensure that users globally document their IT processes and infrastructure safely.

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