Dec 04, 2020

Exclusive workshop: Harden your business processes with security, privacy, quality regulations, and a standardized approach

Together with our partner expertree consulting, we are holding the first exclusive webinar of the series on creating the process frameworks around basic international standards.
webinar standardization of compliance operations

During the first workshop, we will show the fundamentals on how to approach the process creation in a standardized way and present a role model for the implementation of any integrated standard powered by the Infopulse SCM. The following series will go deeper into expertise providing you with the best practices of adapting business processes to security, privacy, quality, and ecology aspects.  

Сhallenges when it comes to multiple standards management: 

  • How to comply with all the different standards in a standardized approach to provide an easy way to certification?  
  • Who is responsible for each process? 
  • When was the last review of the process and how does the process work in general?

We offer an approach where the process supported by the GRC tool lies in the center of any compliance framework (information security, business continuity, quality, and ecological aspects).  Get exclusive insights from the joint expertree consulting and Infopulse SCM team and find out how to build a robust management system with the most popular international standards.

Speakers of the webinar: 

  • Dirk Seeliger, expertree consulting 
  • Daniel Schreiner, expertree consulting 
  • Jan Keil, Infopulse SCM

In case you missed our webinar, all webinar materials are available via the following links:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our next events and webinars!

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