May 30, 2019

Competing for Secure World

Security is the keyword for any business. The more our turbulent world advances into the digital age, the more security challenges come in the way. As a passionate innovator, Infopulse uses every opportunity to stay in the forefront of the cybersecurity technologies.

This time it is about Infopulse‘s participation in the Cybersecurity Leader Award 2019 held on June 04, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany within the framework of Information Security World (ISW), an annual Cybersecurity Conference and Exhibition. Competing we learn, get insights and exchange the ideas on how we can make this world safer.

Cybersecurity Leader Award (CLA) is the competition for excellence in information security in business and public sector. Information security is becoming a challenge for any organization in the context of digital transformation and the development of new technologies. Global connectivity and the Internet of Things are milestones in a technological and social evolution that places entirely new demands on the security of data and its exchange.

In order to cope with the different starting situations and requirements of potential competitors, the competition is carried out in several categories: Large companies, Medium companies, Innovative companies, and Holistic. All IT users who have implemented projects, initiatives or strategies in the field of information security are eligible to participate.

At this remarkable event, Infopulse is proud to display its Standards Compliance Manager (SCM), an innovative solution for automated compliance and risk management, as well as present a wide variety of cybersecurity services.

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