Jan 04, 2021

Meet our new security & data protection consulting partner: Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH

Infopulse is joining efforts with Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH to provide security consulting services supported by Infopulse SCM, the state-of-the-art GRC solution.

The partnership aims to promote a tech-driven approach to compliance and deliver benefits to both companies and their clients. Gehrke Maas Consulting will provide consultations regarding maintenance of information security systems, risk management, and data protection, while Infopulse will ensure the Standards Compliance Manager to be integrated into the process. 

“We are happy to gain Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH as our consulting partner. This opportunity empowers businesses to accelerate their security compliance journey by putting robust ISMS at the heart of their company. Infopulse is looking forward to discovering new business opportunities together with Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH. We are sure that experience of both companies will be a great asset to our partnership. In turn, Infopulse will continue to enhance our GRC solution by adding new functionality, so companies could easier and faster reach their business and strategic goals.”

Mike Sikalo, Infopulse GmbH

“Gehrke Maas Consulting, in conjunction with its strategic partner Infopulse, is able to provide expertise regarding the topics of ISMS, risk management, compliance, and data protection as well as advising their implementation in Infopulse SCM. Within this we value the functional aspects and the appropriate content of the Standard Compliance Manager (SCM) which can be adapted to any company size. Gehrke Maas Consulting is happy to find a partner, such as Infopulse, to deliver a powerful technology solution which will be implemented to address the needs of our clients.”

Heiko Maas und Holger Gehrke, Directors of Gehrke Maas Consulting

We are sure that this partnership with Gehrke Mass Consulting will enrich our businesses and provide an enhanced level of services to our customers.
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About Gehrke Maas Consulting

The Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH is an agile enterprise providing a broad range of services for various industries as well as company types of any size:

  • External and internal audit services
  • Risk management
  • Security compliance consultations (e.g., ISO/IEC ISO 27001, MaRisk, KRITIS)
  • GDPR services
  • Project and interim management

Aiming to ensure the best quality service delivery in conjunction with high standards, Gehrke Maas Consulting bases its work on the concept of continuous improvement, application of modern technologies, and the world’s best security practices.

More info about Gehrke Maas Consulting GmbH

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