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    Aug 31, 2020

    Budget-freeze and the need to get Security and Privacy Compliance right?

    Infopulse SCM with 100% discount for healthcare and governmental organizations to help them maintain privacy, security, and business continuity during current pandemic outbreak.
    GRC solution discount

    We understand that most of the companies nowadays are optimizing, freezing, or even cutting their budgets due to the global pandemic crisis. However, the matters of security, privacy, and business continuity should not be dependent on budgets only and require considered attention.

    Today, healthcare and governmental organizations are working on the front line to ensure safety and health to millions of people. Moreover, these entities should take extra care of their privacy and security. 

    We at Infopulse are offering organizations and companies in the healthcare and governmental sector 100% discount for a one-year license of our GRC compliance solution Infopulse SCM.

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