Oct 31, 2020

20% Halloween Discount on Infopulse SCM – Manage Risks and Measures against Zombie-Apocalypse

Do these compliance challenges sound familiar: Do you feel trapped by coming reporting deadlines or audits? Are you stuck in the compliance routine or lost in the piles of monster Spreadsheets?
GRC solution discount

Do you feel trapped by your compliance fear? As if you’re chased by zombie auditors in the haunted house full of ghosts? Are you stuck in the mud of the scary compliance routine or lost in the piles of monster Spreadsheets? 

What you need now is the right solution that will save you from the spooky audits, sudden attacks of reports. 

It’s time to shed light onto the compliance dark and come to the light side of the moon with the magic anti-zombie tool – Infopulse SCM. 

A month of fighting compliance phobias has started. Order Infopulse SCM until the Black Friday, November 27, and get a 20% discount

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Benefit of free usage of the Infopulse SCM for 3 months to find out how the solution can optimize and streamline your compliance management. Please fill out this form, choose the standards and features you are most interested in. Our consultants will be glad to deliver a personalized webinar for you explaining step by step all the benefits of the SCM adoption.