Oct 06, 2021

ISMS and DPMS Tool for IT Security and Data Protection Management in Universities

Universities are large organizations storing and processing large amounts of personal data bringing the importance of information and data security in universities to a prio level.
IT Grundschutz universities

Education institutions have to fulfill exceptionally high requirements for security, data protection and governmental regulations. Complex organizational and IT infrastructure, a large number of users and data processing centers, and a variety of data types are only some factors that encouraged the universities in Germany to establish the IT-Grundschutz profile.

Today, fast, simple and efficient implementation of baseline security standard and EU GDPR has become an urgent need for CISOs and DPOs in universities. Now ISMS and Data protection systems can be set up and maintained under one roof and perfectly fit the basic needs of universities.

Explicitly designed for Universities: ISMS software for IT security & Data protection

Our extensive experience in compliance software allowed us to find a way to replicate our knowledge and share it, basing it on the experience of organizations with successfully implemented systems. 

We have come up with a quick-start solution SCM Kit for Universities. It fully covers the setup and maintenance of information security & data protection for universities.

SCM Kit for Universities offers a simple and fast method for educational instances to harden ISMS and/or DPMS via an integrated approach. 

The SCM Kit for Universities is an ISMS and DPMS software that goes with a predefined structure including organizational units, steps, documents, tutorials that you can customize according to your company-specific needs.

Benefits of SCM Kit for Universities:

  • You work with the structure and elements that are relevant to universities only and are already pre-installed in the tool.
  • All requirements, controls and threats according to GDPR and IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities are already in the system.
  • You are guided across your compliance journey with our step-by-step instructions
  • You get all necessary templates and documentation in a structured way.
  • Reports (PIA, ROPA) for audits and assessments can be generated quickly right in the ISMS tool.
  • When ordering the SCM Kit you receive a free workshop with our experts that is based on the data of your university.

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