Aug 22, 2019

Top 5 Vulnerabilities We Discover During Penetration Testing [On-demand Webinar]

Penetration testing is the key element of a strong cybersecurity system – it simulates malware attacks and allows identifying vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, networks, or applications.
webinar penetration testing

Register to watch the recorded webinar – learn about the 5 main vulnerabilities that our security experts regularly find during pentesting, what causes these vulnerabilities, what consequences to expect, and how to avoid or fix these issues:

  • Lack of vulnerability/patch management. How poor vulnerability management can lead to the formation of gaps in corporate security; how dangerous they are for your infrastructure; expert advice on how to avoid them;
  • Threats of data exposure. Directory and path traversal attacks and precautions to take.
  • Issues of security misconfigurations. Excessive rights for administrative scripts, IPS in monitoring mode and risks of PassTheHash attacks.
  • Insecure design. Significance of network segmentation and efficient protection against Petya ransomware.
  • Insufficient logs monitoring. How to increase the efficiency of your security “blue team” and ways of identifying and removing complex threats entirely, not partially.


Ian Smith, Director of Infopulse UKI

Ian Smith has spent the past 35+ years in challenging roles within the tech industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Design Thinking. This inspires his work: applying a human-centered approach to solving problems with digital innovation.

Viktor Golub, Senior Security Expert

Viktor Golub contributed almost 7 years to his career at Microsoft CEE. As a seasoned technology professional with a solid experience in various IT and cybersecurity projects, he manages Infopulse Security Service Line.

Jan Keil, VP of Marketing

Jan Keil is contributing to the company’s business development and success in the global IT services market. With 20+ years of experience in IT sector, Jan has been involved in a myriad of projects driven by blockchain, cybersecurity, IoT, AI, and AR/VR.


This webinar is the first out of the series “Cybersecurity Triangle for Enterprises”. By attending all three webinars, you will get a sound understanding of a comprehensive approach to dealing with modern threats.

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