May 06, 2021

ISMS and DPMS in one tool: IT-Grundschutz Profile for Universities

The value of information security cannot be underestimated today, it is among the most essential assets for every organization. Educational sector is no exception.

Universities behold large volumes of private and public data including bio-data of students, faculty, staff, and research work. They face many information security incidents due to diverse range of users, high bandwidth, decentralized IT infrastructure, permission to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and their links to government or industry for research and development projects. Hardening security information systems for universities with a standardized approach has been the number one challenge recently. 

It was resolved by creating a Grundschutz profile for Unis (in Germany) which was the first step to strengthening ISMS for education. Now it’s time for practical implementation. 

Infopulse SCM and our consulting partner CARMAO GmbH are well aware of the necessity of proper ISMS establishment and maintenance and aim to create a dedicated network of university IT security professionals.

We have delivered an exclusive online workshop to demonstrate the solution-based approach to compliance for educational institutions. 

Workshop Agenda:

  • Asset Inventory as a foundation of ISMS:
  • Mapping of IT Grundschutz profile for Universities and The Standard Data Protection Model (SDM)
  • Standards overview (ISO27k vs Grundschutz; SDM vs ISO 27701; additional regulations stated by the government)
  • Determination of protection requirements and risk analysis, DPIA
  • Q&A section

In case you missed our webinar, webinar recording is available via the following link:

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our next events and webinars!

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