What licensing models do you offer?

On the one hand, we can offer the Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager as a SaaS model. Where you can benefit from low investment risk, transparent IT costs accelerated implementation, mobility and keep the focus on your core business. On the other hand, we can offer a perpetual license, where you benefit from an additional discount when subscribing to a longer period.

We at Infopulse are flexible with our license model, so it can fit your business needs as our solution does.

Are there any import functions available in the tool?

Due to the flexibility of our solution, the import of existing data follows the same approach. The Import function offers a set presented in the GSTOOL and various CMDB providers or completely independent via Office spreadsheets.

When we work with certain programs, is it possible to integrate them with the tool?

We offer a variety of integration options and interfaces. Please contact us directly for more information.

Are there any limitations regarding the maximum of simultaneous users?

No, there are no technical limitations to a maximum of users, we have tested the system with a huge and untypical number of simultaneous users.

Can I use Infopulse SCM to help my customers with their compliance process?

Yes, ISCM got multi-client support, so can easily offer the Infopulse SCM as a service or include it in your consultancy. Please contact us for further information and packages.

Do you offer audits or consulting service?

We cooperate with numerous national and international partners. In our network, we can connect to offer you the choice of the best suitable partners.

Can I download a Demo somewhere?

On the website, you will find a form to request your personal free demo access. Or contact us to arrange an appointment for a personal explanatory webinar and get your personal demo instance.

What languages are available?

The Infopulse SCM is currently available in English and German. Other languages will follow the high demand.

Is it possible to make only certain areas visible?

Yes, the Infopulse SCM provides you with easy role and access management so that critical information will be visible only to those in charge.

Are the reports customizable?

Yes. There are ready-made templates. However, these can also be easily individualized according to your own wishes and needs.

How will the currently missing components of the BSI IT Grundschutz 200 Standards be handled?

Missing components of the BSI-200 Standards will be represented by the BSI specification along with the previous components of the BSI-100 Standard.

Which platforms are supported?

With a frontend-backend structure, the Infopulse SCM can be deployed on any platform and installed on any common operating system:

Processor: Core i5
HDD: At least 10 GB of free hard disk space (SSD recommended)
RAM: At least 8 GB
Operating system:
Linux OS
MS Windows 8/10 or MS Windows Server 2008R2
Server: Apache Tomcat 8.5.x (the latest available)
Java-Version: Java SE 11 (the latest available)
Database: Oracle 11g or MySQL 8.0.x or MsSQL 2016 (MySQL recommended as free full functional DB)
Google Chrome or Microsoft EDGE browser.

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