Integrated Platform

Infopulse SCM is the all-encompassing automated solution for Compliance and Risk Management. ‘Any Standard – Any Process’ modular platform designed to support integration with any regulatory or custom standard, policy, procedure, or process’

Integrated Platform GRC Solution

What makes Infopulse SCM stand out

  • Governance, compliance and risk management in one solution: Infopulse SCM allows organizations to ‘break down the silos’;
  • Intuitive UI provide a top-notch user experience while streamlining the process of security compliance;
  • Flexibly adapted platform for regulatory framework requirements related to cyber threats, as well as safeguards and measures to counter them;
  • Take advantage of operating Infopulse SCM as a service;
  • Modern tech stack: Java 11, Angular 8;
  • Customer-centric approach: With the major focus on customer’s pain points and needs, our 2000 in-house engineers project them into digital solutions making things happen.

Integration Possibilities of Infopulse SCM

SAP, ServiceNow and more

A GRC solution Infopulse SCM, integrated via REST API with SAP, ServiceNow, and other platforms will provide you with a unified interface for managing all security controls, company-specific policies, and regulatory standards such as GDPRISO 27001ASPICEIT-Grundschutz, etc.

The integration allows handling security, privacy, and risk management processes in real-time. This comprehensive solution is well suited for monitoring your company’s compliance with regulatory standards, internal policies, procedures, as well as preparing for certification.

integration ServiceNow SAP

SCM integration advantages:

  • Infopulse SCM – one entry point to access all compliance standards integrated into your ServiceNow digital workflows;
  • Reduced manual data input and optimized monitoring processes;
  • Automated and streamlined compliance, risk and asset management;
  • Better visibility and enhanced decision-making.

Learn more how you can get the most out of ServiceNow software with Infopulse dedicated ServiceNow competency center.


Integration with CMDB (e.g. i-doit, GLPI, MS System Center, MS SharePoint) through .XML file: Infopulse SCM supports either one-way or two-way integration using a mechanism with an arbitrary system with an intermediate .xml file of a specific structure. 


Integration with other systems through API (e.g. external Risk Management system): Integration with systems through their external services (REST API, Database, software API). Such integration is carried out in the context of a specific customer needs and IT landscape

Data Import/Data Export

Infopulse SCM supports import and export of all data (Security Concepts) as well as custom data sets through XML and Excel files. The SCM can import data from an arbitrary system prepared in the required format.

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