Compliance Bot

Helga – Your Personal Compliance Assistant

Regulatory complexity, increasing number of compliance requirements, manual handling of paperwork and tasks often result in time ineffectiveness, human errors, documentation failures. We have analyzed these challenges and deployed a virtual assistant in Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager to support you in building your compliance projects.

What our SCM Bot Helga Can Do for Your Business

Compliance assistance bot Helga embodies the best state of the art technology and aims to help you cope with compliance-related challenges. She combines the functions of an AI-driven real-time chat assistant and a mailbot for automating operational routines.

compliance bot

Intelligent personal assistance (Chat Bot)

  • Fast and reliable: answering questions related to standards its requirements and controls
  • Instant guiding: compliance processes and system relevant features easily explained
  • Advanced onboarding: time & cost efficient – streamlining the learning curve
  • 24/7 available: quickly accessible and easy to use

Operational support (Mail Bot)

  • Automation: generating recurring reports delivered via email
  • Notification: task status tracking and sending reminders to responsible people
  • Baselining: create and compare data snapshots
  • Integration: data consolidation from various business platforms

Compliance Assistance: Practical Implementation of Helga

Advanced Onboarding

Helga will become your A-Z guide helping you to work with the Infopulse SCM. As a virtual compliance assistant she answers ”how-to” questions (product- and feature-related), e.g., how to create a Concept?

Compliance chatbot

Intelligent Professional Compliance Assistance

Any time you have a content-related question about a standard, its requirements and controls, or implementation, you can ask Helga for compliance assistance and get an instant response. Don’t look into hundreds of hard copies or search the Internet, just ask Helga instead, e.g. “What is GDPR?

Compliance chatbot

Compliance Routine Automation

You can create regular recurring reports and snapshots of the past & current compliance activities and data. Those reports are delivered via scheduled emails to relevant people involved in the compliance processes. As an example, you can use Helga for creating a Concept snapshot of the IT-Grundschutz 2019 and 2020, or generating a CEO recurring report with the monthly overview of the compliance status.

If you want to enhance your compliance-around operations with the personal assistant “Helga”, please contact us.

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