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    Release notes
    Mar 30, 2023 | Release notes
    Compliance Aspekte 9.1: History of changes, Document Generation, Automatic Risk Acceptance Changes, Jira Integration, and more

    Introducing Release 9.1, Compliance Aspekte announces the release of new features.

    Nov 16, 2022 | Release notes
    Release 9.0

    With changing the product name, our team, service, and solid commitment to providing you with the best governance, risk, and compliance software remain unchanged.

    Jun 14, 2022 | Release notes
    Infopulse SCM 8.6: Automatic Migration to IT-Grundschutz 2022 & Powered up Usability

    Infopulse SCM 8.6 is out now! Take full advantage of automatic migration to IT-Grundschutz 2022, the import to/from Excel feature, Asset type and protection needs inheritance.

    Feb 15, 2022 | Release notes
    Infopulse SCM 8.5: Enhanced Collaboration & Advanced Customization

    Enhanced data collection and sharing, deeply customizable Protection Goals and more: What’s new in Infopulse Compliance Manager 8.5.

    Oct 20, 2021 | Release notes
    Standards Cross-linking, Real-time Analytics & Reporting: What’s New in the Infopulse SCM 8.4

    Reach even more flexibility in multi-standard management with linking of controls across the solution between all your standards, minimize routine with one-click PIA report generation, and benefit from a holistic overview of the projects and enhanced analytics.

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