Feb 15, 2022

Infopulse SCM 8.5: Enhanced Collaboration & Advanced Customization

Enhanced data collection and sharing, deeply customizable Protection Goals and more: What’s new in Infopulse Compliance Manager 8.5.
grc solution release

Rediscover Infopulse SCM as the collaboration platform and skyrocket your operations with advanced customization of Protection Goals.

Sharing and Collaboration in Infopulse SCM

The new version of Infopulse SCM 8.5 enables straightforward data collection from stakeholders in and outside your organization. From now on, you will be able to share Assets data with internal and external users enabling them to view and contribute to selected information quickly and easily.

All shared links are stored in the Shared Links Manager. Admins and responsible users can easily manage accesses, view or delete links.

Customization of Your Protection Goals Levels

Along with the system (in-built) Protection Goals, users can now create, add and edit levels of protection goals.

When working with the protection goals in the solution (both system & custom), you receive suggestions from the system helping to define your protection goals level.

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