Oct 03, 2019

Infopulse SCM 7.0 is Out Now: New Audit Opportunities & Improved UI

The SCM development team made a special effort to complete the SCM 7.0 release aiming to present its new functionality at IT-SA 2019. Now, the SCM 7.0 upgrade includes added features, new UI framework, and amended terminology.
Infopulse Standrads Compliance manager with updated list of features is out now
Meet new SCM release 7.0

We are excited to spread the good news – rolling out the next upgraded version of Infopulse SCM. Now, the SCM 7.0 upgrade includes added features, a new UI framework, and amended terminology. Here goes a sneak peek at them with a bit of detail.

Added features of Infopulse SCM

  • Audit Questionnaires;
  • Pre-Audit Checklists;
  • 3rd Parties Assessments.

This powerful functionality aligns the client’s business processes, objectives, and risks in the audit procedure. It has a variety of applications during audit planning, gathering preliminary information, defining the audit scope, identifying critical areas, etc.

Audit Questionnaires and Checklists are easy and extremely flexible to create and adapt at multiple levels.

Infopulse SCM Audit Questionnaires and Checklists
Infopulse SCM Audit Questionnaires and Checklists

With this newly added feature Infopulse SCM users will be able to:

  • create default question lists to re-use them for different objects and concepts;
  • map the questions onto Requirements, Modules, and Assets;
  • experience more comfort and efficiency in managing the Audit Questions through several views;
  • easily export Audit Questionnaires and Checklists in .XLS or .CSV formats.

The benefits include building a centralized information database for future audits and compliance checks, documented shreds of evidence, and a solution for 3rd party risk assessments.

New UI Framework for Task Management and SCM Basic Terms Renaming

A new data grid for Tasks provides improved usability and data transparency. Hiding, moving, sorting columns, filtering data, performing aggregations and so on, now is easier and faster.

Renaming SCM basic terminology throughout UI and manuals purposed to make it consistent with best practices and ISO 27000 series standards.

To find out more details about the product’s new release or get advice, please contact Infopulse SCM experts.

As usual, we encourage all SCM users to share their experiences, opinions, and expectations. Collaborating we not only improve the product but also build a stronger relationship and trust with our customers.

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