May 13, 2020

Enhance Your Compliance Operations with SCM Version 8.0 and the New Compliance Bot!

Keeping in mind the international standards development and GRC market trends, we released a new version 8.0 of Infopulse SCM. It presents brand new features and a number of improvements that will empower the way you manage your compliance projects.

Automate your daily compliance routine with SCM Bot “Helga”

SCM Bot “Helga”, your new personal compliance assistant, helps to automate parts of most of the daily operational compliance routine and save time for more critical aspects. Helga can generate real-time reports, notifications, status reminders, etc.

Main functions:

  • Automation of the repetitive work by setting up recurring emails with Infopulse SCM data, e.g., weekly/monthly reports periodically;
  • Control over the process and its status, e.g., receiving the overview of the tasks statuses and sending reminders to the responsible parties;
  • Changes tracking, e.g., getting snapshots of today’s status of assets compared to those one week/month ago.

We are planning to make Helga even smarter, adding self-learning artificial intelligence to our bot.

New IT Grundschutz Compendium 2020 is available and ready to use

Infopulse SCM 8.0 includes the newly released IT Grundschutz Compendium 2020 with two new modules onboard, i.e., Software Development and Technical Infrastructure.

Thanks to constant system updates, users of Infopulse SCM will be ready to establish an effective ISMS and protect particularly sensitive data going step-by-step, and covering the most critical aspects of the regulation.

Flexibility of the Risk Analysis thanks to the new Grid View

The user will be able to handle huge volumes of data (more than 200,000 rows) in the Risk Analysis thanks to enhanced editing given by smart and simple grid views.

Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to manipulate, arrange, bulk-edit, sort, and filter the data during risk management analysis, and add any other custom information you need.

The risk management grid makes operations and reporting more user-friendly and efficient.

Comprehensive Tailoring of Inventory with Custom Fields

We have significantly improved the Inventory Analysis module with two main features: grid view and custom fields. The new functionality delivers high-customization and flexibility for the users to set up their inventory registers, add all necessary information, and analyze it in a smart grid.

Empowered Integration Possibilities

We are broadening the horizon of Infopulse SCM and offer new integration possibilities. After ServiceNow and SAP, you can now rely on two more possibilities with FNT Command, and Matrix42 Software Asset Management tool and import your assets into SCM. With this new option, you will be able to optimize and manage your IT Infrastructure effectively by consolidating all data in one platform.

Furthermore, the following additional improvements have been introduced: 

  • viewing and editing CMDB imported objects/ assets,
  • adding a new asset option ‘Out of Service’,
  • displaying of the requirements without controls, and
  • creating custom views of grids.

Moreover, it is now possible to build your individual threat catalogs.

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