Jan 09, 2019

Infopulse Standards Compliance manager 4.0 Released

Stepping into 2019, Infopulse is pleased to announce the release of 4.0 version of Standards Compliance Manager (SCM). The new release presents added or improved features enhancing user experience, in particular:
  • Onboarding page – first view after user’s logon containing text and video instruction on app’s workflow for beginners;
  • Home page – app’s main view with improved UI containing menus and controls to navigate SCM
  • Dashboards – unlimited in number customizable visualized dashboards to monitor and control performance;
  • Adapt Profile Object – specific functionality for editing or customizing Profile Objects

SCM is an integrated tool designed to implement and manage compliances with any requirements, standards, policies, and procedures including a variety of customizable features to run audits, assess and manage risks, monitor compliance status, prepare to certifications and much more.

The Infopulse SCM 4.0 release contains improved as well as newly added features aimed to enhance user experience. The major features to appear in this release:

Onboarding page

The Onboarding page is the first thing user would see when logged in to the application. The basic idea of adding the Onboarding page is to make user familiar with general application workflow and help them learn the basic concepts and controls fast. This primary view offers a simple tutorial presenting several steps with text explanations and a video guide. Advanced users can skip displaying this beginner view by checking “Do not show me the flow again.” If needed, one can open this page via the link on the app’s Home page.

Home page

Home page is a basic view that user sees after the Onboarding page, or it becomes the first view if the user opts to skip Onboarding page. One can promptly open Home page from any location via Main menu. It provides a convenient start point to navigate all working areas including Onboarding page and Contact Us form.


Variable information dashboards enable tracking data from multiple sources within the specified Security concept in one place. This extremely flexible feature is a perfect visualizing tool for real-time performance analysis and monitoring. The dashboards display key indicators in the form of data sheets, charts, and animated gauges providing a clear view of compliance status and performance by specified criteria or concerning particular processes. The feature enables creating an unlimited number of individual dashboards equipped with a selection of widgets to meet the specific needs of an organization or user.

Adapt Profile Object feature

This functionality allows customization of Profile Objects, such as Modules, Requirements, Safeguards, and Threats. Profile Object adaptation serves to change or amend Profile Object name, Description/Implementation notes, and create additional links with associated Profile Objects. On the other hand, it allows re-setting Profile Objects to their default values.

Other smaller improvements of the existing functionality and features relate to enhancing user experience. Through tight collaboration with the product practical users, Infopulse keeps the focus of SCM further development on the most relevant needs.

This website, fully dedicated to SCM and its development, is another evidence of Infopulse’s commitment to enhancing its customers’ experience. See detailed information on the product in all its aspects: product features, editions and pricing, advantages for specific industries, integrated standards, partnership programs, news, technical support and a lot more!

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