Sep 15, 2020

Unlocking the Power of AI and Automation with SCM 8.1

Standards Compliance Manager Release 8.1 is out now featuring significant enhancements, such as instant assistance from Chatbot “Helga”, automatic migration to BSI IT-Grundschutz 2020, rolling out Custom Fields system-wide, GDPR add-ons, and further improvements, making it easy to connect and integrate SCM anywhere.
grc solution release

Instant Assistance from AI-powered Compliance Chatbot “Helga”

SCM Bot combines state-of-the-art technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Natural language processing (NLP), supporting you 24/7 in building your compliance programs. “Helga” will become your quality assistant, enhancing your daily work. Let “Helga” guide you through the onboarding and learning of the product. Moreover, she can answer any question related to compliance, such as GDPR.

Highlighting five features and benefits:   

  • Intuitive and fast onboarding process: start working with SCM immediately and streamline the learning curve;
  • “Helga”, your intelligent personal assistant is available 24/7, easily accessible with one click;
  • Continuous improvement: “Helga” learns from past interactions and improves responses over time;
  • Easy chatbot training: quick upload of new information, configuration, and adaptation to specific requirements;
  • Multi-lingual support: “Helga” understands German and English.

Seamless and Automated Migration to IT-Grundschutz 2020

Introducing the IT-Grundschutz Compendium 2020 in SCM recently, now you can automatically migrate from IT-Grundschutz 2019 to 2020 with respective visual notifications and comments about changes or differences in the Compliance Check grid.

Your advantages:

  • Constantly update your ISMS in regards to actual regulatory changes;
  • Save time and efforts while migrating, due to the fast, accurate, and automated transferring of available compliance data;
  • Implement an efficient ISMS based on BSI IT-Grundschutz 2020;
  • Successfully prepare for the audit and certification.

Going Beyond the Standard with the Custom Fields System-wide

Custom fields are now available in the Inventory Analysis, Compliance Check, Risk Analysis, and Reporting. This massive improvement enables you to customize the entire compliance-related area and adapt it to your individual needs. Thanks to the new feature Export and import of Custom Fields, you can backup and reuse them in different Concepts within one system or share between separate installations of SCM.

GDPR Modules: ROPA and TOMs Available Now

We have introduced the Record of data processing activities (ROPA) module, as described in Article 30 of GDPR. As ROPA enlists all data-related activities within the organization, it enables controllers to take a closer look at their data processes from an enterprise-wide perspective, identify redundancies, and prepare for actions required by GDPR (data retention, deletion, response to requests, etc). 

Additionally, SCM supports technical, organizational measures (TOMs), based on Article 32 GDPR. TOMs are critical to ensure the implementation of data protection controls, processes, and solutions to make compliance possible.


Enhanced Integration Options

We have enriched the Public API functionality, enabling simple and fast integration, guaranteeing import of CMDB objects, Assets, and Tasks. Newly introduced data marts allows you to easier exchange data between enterprise, ITM systems and SCM. What is more, you can now integrate your compliance data into enterprise level reporting, such as Power BI. 

Other Improvements Introduced by the SCM Release 8.1

Take a look at other enhancements of Infopulse SCM

  • Bulk-editing in Inventory Analysis Grid;
  • Editing of Asset Type after import;
  • User-friendly and expandable Task Management;
  • Enriched documents grids;
  • Instant document preview;
  • Switching between concepts on the fly.

Webinar: Empower Your Compliance Maintenance with the Newly Added Features in SCM 8.1

For you to be able to effectively address compliance-related pain points, build a robust strategy from scratch, or make effective enhancements to your ongoing projects, we have prepared a comprehensive webinar on the implementation of SCM and namely its latest release. 

The webinar will take place on October, 8, 2020 at 3 p.m. CEST. Reserve your spot now!

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