Oct 20, 2021

Standards Cross-linking, Real-time Analytics & Reporting: What’s New in the Infopulse SCM 8.4

Reach even more flexibility in multi-standard management with linking of controls across the solution between all your standards, minimize routine with one-click PIA report generation, and benefit from a holistic overview of the projects and enhanced analytics.
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Make your compliance activities even more flexible with сross-standard linking of controls, one-click PIA reporting and benefit from live analytics and monitoring of all your projects via multi-concepts dashboard, and easily migrate to the latest version of IT-Grundschutz 2021.

Cross-Standard Linking of Controls

This feature dramatically extends the flexibility of how you manage and operate the compliance data across the system. The 8.4 version of SCM enables you to apply common Controls to the Requirements in any standard. Once Controls for assets or processes are implemented in the organization, they can be applied to the requirements from different standards and regulations.

Multi-Concepts Dashboard

Multi-Concepts Dashboard allows you to analyze and compare data from many concepts at once. 

As a compliance manager, you get the overview and enhanced visibility of the compliance status across the system and quickly gain insights into the most important data across your Concepts, processes or projects.

The Dashboard contains three widgets:

  • Compliance per Assets – shows Assets status of selected types in context of a Standard;
  • Tasks Status – displays the realization status of tasks created under requirements, Controls and Threats;
  • Task overdue, days – shows how many days the actual tasks are overdue.

PIA Report

Infopulse SCM 8.4 now has a ready template for PIA reporting, enabling users to generate reports in one click or create custom reports if needed. 

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) report helps to reassess, update, and manage the privacy risks and challenges as they evolve. It contains Risk Matrix, Risk Mitigation Solutions, and Compliance assessment sections.

Automatic Migration to IT-Grundschutz 2021

Infopulse SCM simplifies migration from Compendium 2020 to the new Compendium 2021 with automatic migration features built-in the tool.

Note: If you plan to migrate your Concept/s related to several standards to IT-Grundschutz 2021, please, do it before using the Cross-Standards Controls feature. Otherwise, you can lose those connections after migration.

Enhanced Security via LDAPS Support

In addition to classic LDAP protocol, Infopulse SCM now supports enhanced and more secure LDAPS protocol for communication with LDAP directories such as Microsoft Active Directory.

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