Jun 02, 2021

Release 8.3: TISAX on board, full-fledged customization and tracking, and holistic control of data inside

With the new SCM release, users can now get prepared for the TISAX certification, build an ISMS according to IT-Grundschutz 2021, manipulate data and represent it via custom dashboards, import/export custom fields throughout the entire system.

Highlights of SCM 8.3:



Infopulse SCM now supports VDA Information Security Assessment based on VDA ISA catalogue version 5.0 including new TISAX dashboard and other customizations all in one place. The new catalog is fully implemented in SCM and supports the PDCA cycle. It enables users to see the criticality of each requirement (must, should, high) and its implementation status. SCM users can assess requirements separately, access the results on a dashboard, and easily track their progress. 

IT-Grundschutz 2021

As a trusted GSTOOL provider, our users always receive a new version of IT-Grundschutz installed by default once the updates are issued. Furthermore, Infopulse SCM 8.3 supports the latest BSI sample dataset (“Recplast”) as well. 

Customization & Monitoring

Custom Dashboards

From now on SCM users will be able to create and upload custom dashboards into the system. Dashboards can use both data stored in SCM databases and data from external systems. Custom dashboards may directly reflect data and practices typical for certain industries or even specific companies.   


  • Operational usability and extended possibilities in data visualization and reporting;
  • Customization according to user needs;
  • Hands on the pulse of all your activities via instant update of your current status.
custom dashboards

Tracking & Monitoring

Infopulse SCM allows tracking user changes history that includes following information: 

  • Action types: CREATE, DELETE or UPDATE;
  • Time and date of changes to user data;
  • Name of the user that performed a change;
  • Changed Details for Concept/Concept version in Organizations Managements
  • Assets in Inventory Analysis, Requirements and Controls in Compliance Check, Threats in Risk Analysis, Tasks in Compliance Check and Risk Analysis.

Infopulse SCM users will eventually benefit from the new functionality – get better control over the data and its status and follow records back to their origin to protect data from misuse.

Bulk Edit in Compliance Check Grid

SCM users can edit multiple Requirements and Controls in the Compliance check grid. Bulk editing of Controls defines Realization states, their dates and explanations in Controls view of the Compliance Check grid. The user will achieve:

  • Time-effectiveness due to simultaneous updates of necessary information;
  • Consistency across Infopulse SCM application, as all grids have the same usability features, working only with the items the user needs.
compliance check grid edit

Import/Export of Custom Fields for Requirements, Controls and Threats

New import/export functionality enables SCM users to save time when working with similar data sets but in different application environments.

All custom fields, such as Requirements, Controls and Threats can be imported or exported into/from Infopulse SCM.

custom fields
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