Software Development

Infopulse has proven experience, knowledge, and skills at helping organizations enhance their productivity and innovate their business.

We provide software development services to clients from the industrial, finance, telecom, healthcare, and energy sectors and offer support to IT/R&D/Software publishing companies. We assure quick start, efficient identification of the challenges, and resolution with a transparent software development process. We also handle problematic cases, e.g., unsuccessful running external/internal software projects – we jump in and bring them back on track.

In terms of technologies, we work with.NET- and Java-based applications, modern front-end and mobile frameworks, as well as develop classic С and C++ for industrial, automotive, and embedded solutions. Our software engineering services include quality assurance and application management, stabilization, performance optimization, modernization of legacy applications, implementation of reporting, data analysis, and security. Relying on both V-model, e.g., A-SPICE, and Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, we effectively manage the system complexity and assure planned deadlines.

Infopulse enriches user experience with AI, machine learning, data science, and intelligent chat assistants. Our customers explore the immense potential of chatbots, improved efficiency of human-machine interaction (HMI), shortened learning curve, reduced TCO, and increased end-user satisfaction. We use the tools and technologies to power the chatbot development: Microsoft Flow, LUIS, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant, and Amazon Lex.

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