Kit for Universities

A quick-start solution for practical implementation of ISMS and DPMS as well as IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities to simplify and speed up establishment and maintenance of IT security management system and data protection.

Why Infopulse SCM Kit for Universities?

1. Ready-to-implement tool specifically tailored for universities

Save time and resources in research, paperwork, and creating everything from scratch. Use a ready-to-implement SCM Kit with IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities to start your compliance journey instantly and efficiently and set up ISMS and DPMS in a shorter deadline and with minimal efforts.

2. IT-security and data protection management systems with one solution

Designed specially for universities, the tool fully covers maintenance of ISMS & DPMS effortlessly, budget savvy, without silos, manual work and challenges related to complex standard requirements.

3. Structured data and efficient processes maintenance 

The SCM Kit for universities takes you through everything you need for management of information security and data protection compliance. It provides a structured approach and multitenant architecture.


  • Quick setup and ready-to-implement software specifically designed for universities
  • Integrated IT security and data protection management in one tool
  • Well-structured approach to maintenance of ISMS & DPMS  
  • Multi tenant platform 
  • Convenient collaboration tool with unlimited number of users 
  • Flexibility of customization
  • Integration with I-doit
  • Ease of use due to user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Fair pricing

With SCM Kit for Universities you receive:

  • A predefined structure of university with typical assets and other essential elements.
  • Built-in requirements, controls and threats according to GDPR and IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities.
  • Structured system of readymade documentation and templates. 
  • One-click report generation (ROPA, PIA).
  • Guideline step-by-step implementation of the SCM Kit.
  • Free expert consultation fully tailored for your university. 

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