Compliance with international standards today is crucial for organizations that strive to maintain their security, data protection, enhance reliability and sustainability in whatever sector they are operating. Depending on the size, location, specifics of the company, there are certain regulations that apply and are a must to align with. The integrated multistandard solution Infopulse SCM supports basic standards on security, data privacy, sustainability, business continuity as well as regulations for automotive and energy utility industry.


BSI IT-Grundschutz

This vital data security standard is of high demand among the EU organizations.

Simplify your ISMS creation according to this standard with the automated IT compliance solution Infopulse SCM, which is an alternative to GS Tool listed by the Federal Office for Information Security.

What is BSI IT-Grundschutz?

ISO 27001

Create a reliable Information Security Management System with ISO 27001 guidelines. It is a primary step before implementing other Information Security ISO standards.

Infopulse SCM streamlines and simplifies the ISO 27001 implementation process. It guides you through the necessary steps and prepares the foundation for landing other standards.

Enhance your security with ISO 27001.

ISO 27019

The companies in the energy utility industry use this guidance for enhancing security to control and monitor the full cycle of electric power production and distribution and of associated supporting processes.

Discover the energy utility sector standard.

ISO 22301

Stay afloat no matter what by building a Business Continuity Management System with the ISO 22301.

Infopulse SCM provides efficient means for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning within the compliance management process.

Get a reliable back up with ISO 22301.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the most recognized international standard that provides guidelines for building and maintenance of an efficient Quality Management System.

Certification to ISO 9001 improves the reputation of the company, promotes sales opportunities, and maybe formal criterium for participation in international tenders.

How to maintain your QMS effectively, read here.

ISO 14001

Enhance environmental performance, positive image, and cost-efficiency for your business with an effective environmental management system (EMS). ISO 14001 helps companies become socially responsible and reduce their negative environmental footprint.

Go green with ISO 14001.


Complimenting the ISO 15504 standard, ASPICE is a software design and development framework explicitly created for the automotive industry. It is an established data security method of improving processes about the safety of mechatronic systems.

Infopulse SCM provides systematic guidance on implementing the ASPICE requirements into the software development process.

Protect your software development with ASPICE.


The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU response to the global changes affecting the privacy and data security policy.

The SCM solution assists companies in addressing the GDPR compliance challenges. It offers many integration possibilities to embed GDPR requirements into the mesh of other adopted standards.

Check if you are eligible to GDPR.

Other standards

The standards govern the way organizations act. Presently, compliance with safety, data security, and privacy requirements is no longer only a matter of preference. It is mandatory in many industries.

SCM integrates the standards, which are currently in the highest demand. If the standard you critically need is not onboard, SCM provides the interface for importing any standard or customer-specific requirements via XML file.

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