The automotive industry gets ever more sophisticated engaging new complex technologies and processes. Besides, manufacturers often outsource software engineering teams for the development of certain software components and have to run regular audits to provide the required level of quality.

This is where unified industry standards become critical for all participants to follow because both financial and reputational risks are painfully high, especially with regard to vehicle systems performance and passenger safety.

One of the most desired certifications in the automotive world – ASPICE – now officially belongs to Infopulse! The preparation for ASPICE certification can take more than 2 years, as you have to transform and adjust all your software development processes and current project requirements to the Automotive SPICE model. Besides, you’ll also have to consider Capability Levels you can achieve (fully, largely, or partially) during the assessment. Each level is subdivided to process attributes evaluated following the process performance and process capability indicators.

Our ASPICE-tailored tool Standards Compliance Manager allows optimizing and speeding up many work processes and procedures. Most importantly, with this GRC-powered system, you’ll be able to get ready for an independent external assessment according to the Automotive SPICE model.

After passing such an assessment from Kugler Maag Cie, Infopulse automotive experts received ASPICE v2.5 certification for their navigation project demonstrating great maturity level of software development processes. This certification confirms Infopulse’s competency in delivering top embedded software quality.

The Infopulse SCM provides the following features with regard to ASPICE:

  • Complete guidance from implementation to certification;
  • Pre-assessment and gap-analysis;
  • Compliance analysis across different aspects: processes, systems, projects, suppliers, etc.;
  • Traceability of changes;
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Compliance assessment according to security and privacy requirements;
  • Task management and alerts;
  • Performance monitoring through Dashboards;
  • Customizable reporting;
  • Import and export of data from/to external systems.
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