The EU general Data Protection Regulation has made a cardinal change in personal data handling with an impact that goes far beyond the European Union. There is hardly any business, which is not involved in collecting or processing customers’ personal data, but most heavily affected industries are finance, healthcare, and public services.

Challenges of GDPR Implementation

Numerous regulatory requirements

To comply with the GDPR organizations must continuously document, manage and report their activities, and are limited in time to respond to customer’s requests.

Unconsolidated data

The audit of the situation may be a complicated task if the company’s data is not consolidated and stored in disconnected silos.

Lack of flexibility

Adopting individual company processes to a standard software is often a challenge to most organizations due to specifics of the industry, company size, and operational differences. Customization of the product to your individual business needs is the solution to this problem.

Timely reports of data breaches 

Only 25% of organizations can meet the requirement to report any data breach to regulators within 72 hours. For a large organization, reporting appropriately and quickly can be difficult.

Highlights of GDPR and a tool-driven approach

Most of the GDPR requirements concern processes, policies, and documentation. Contrary to mandates like ISO 27001 or PCI DSS, there are no detailed, prescriptive security controls. However, the GDPR provides a risk-based approach for security planning. It helps to ensure that measures the company takes provide an appropriate level of security regarding corresponding risks. When working with the GDPR, security experts focus on Article 32, as it describes the key technical measures (TOMs) for data protection. Other GDPR Articles requiring DPO’s attention are the following: Articles 24, 25, 33, 34 & 35. They provide risk-based security related obligations, design principles, and processes.

The GDPR module in Infopulse SCM helps to achieve and manage compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Our solution enables effective requirements and technical measures (TOMs) establishment, and maintenance. Moreover, SCM allows you to efficiently document a registry of data processing activities, contracting parties, services, etc. All information from GDPR management activities is available in the customized and standard reports.

GDPR-related Features

Infopulse SCM provides the following relevant functionality:

  • Functional tracking of implementation and maintenance of GDPR compliance
  • Available guidelines on requirements and technical organizational measures (TOMs) to comply with the GDPR based on international best practices
  • Predefined processes and objects in the GDPR context, e.g. ROPAs
  • Inbuilt Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Efficient management according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle
  • Reporting and general data protection documentation
  • Flexible adjustment to the needs of your company by the use of custom fields.

Benefits of Using Infopulse SCM for GDPR Compliance

Enhanced integration of other security standards

The GDPR module is seamlessly integrated with other ISMS data – Inventory Analysis assets and their relevant compliance regulations and standards (such as ISO 27001, IT-Grundschutz, ISO 14001).

Holistic data management

Data Protection and Security Officers will benefit from the up-to-date information via integration in the SCM with no need to enter additional data twice.

Customized data registry and reporting

You can swiftly access your data registry and generate reports, tailoring them to your specific company’s needs.

Full-cycle GDPR compliance process

The Infopulse SCM GDPR Module supports the PDCA cycle, including planning, implementation, review and report process, together with the continuous improvement of a data protection management system according to the GDPR.

With the Infopulse SCM GDPR module you get a well-thought-out and mature support to meet the requirements for effective data protection.

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