ISO 31000

ISO 31000 standard provides general guidelines of risk management framework in the organization despite its industry or segment. The purpose of the risk management framework is to assist the organization in managing risks and integrating risk management into the company’s activities and functions.

Why Infopulse SCM

Organizations can comply with ISO 31000 requirements with the help of the user-friendly solution Infopulse SCM that provides all necessary tools for automated risk and compliance management activities.

Infopulse SCM offers a comprehensive view of compliance programs, projects, and assets with incorporated standards, recommendations, best practices and a regulations knowledge database. 

You don’t need to constantly monitor all the changes to regulations – as the new version of a standard will be provided together with each new release of Infopulse SCM.

With Infopulse SCM ISO 31000 solution, you get:

  1. Easy-to-use and efficient risk assessment system.
  2. Gap analysis of risk management framework according to the requirement of ISO 31000.
  3. Implementation guidance on the risk management framework.
  4. Real-time analytics & reporting of your compliance and risk management state.
  5. Continuous risk management processes maintenance as risk identification, evaluation, treatment, reporting.

Elevate Your Risk Management Process

Infopulse SCM offers the following features to streamline your risk management procedures.

  • Adaptable catalogue of threats specific to individual organization;
  • Set of pre-defined threats catalogue;
  • Prioritized risk identification to protect critical assets;
  • Identification of threats and vulnerabilities and mapping to the related assets or processes;
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation providing the risk-level matrix-based (4 and 5 dimensions) both on threat probability and its individual impact on each asset;
  • Definition of Risk mitigation measures and mapping them to requirements and controls;
  • Automatic risk acceptance.

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