Information Security

The InfoSec service providers, consultants, and solution vendors are getting ready to meet the future challenges crucial for their customer organizations.

With pre-integrated information security standards (ISO 27K, BSI IT Grundschutz), risk assessment, and compliance check onboard, Infopulse SCM extends the capability of security experts. However, it is much more than just a powerful professional toolkit.

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Governmental and public organizations are one of the main targets for cyber attackers. Complying with information security standards makes the foundation for building a robust protection system. 

Maintaining multiple compliance projects against the background of the ever-changing regulatory base is a challenge. Infopulse SCM enables public sector organizations to save time and cost by streamlining and simplifying the compliance management process.

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It is crucial for health institutions to keep their sensitive information and its history safe and consolidated in one place. Moreover, the implementation of data analytics and setting an IT infrastructure will help organizations focus on the needs of delivering a compliance strategy smartly and effectively. With Infopulse SCM as a modern GRC solution, it becomes possible to maintain and follow the HIPAA requirements, protect patient personal data, proceed through security and privacy audits. 

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The world’s digitalization and connectivity expand the opportunities for Fintech service providers. However, the downside of this transformation is the growing scale of risks.

Keeping in focus the need for Information security standards (ISO 27K) and GDPR implementation, Infopulse SCM provides the solution for PCI DSS compliance maintenance. Based on the PDСA lifecycle, 246 requirements will be achieved and executed during the set period – 12 months. While working with the PCI DSS standard, the experienced Infopulse professionals will help to support the next no less critical processes such as security assessment, vulnerabilities detection via penetration testing, protection of the software development process, etc.

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The automotive industry is one of the fastest to adopt innovative technologies. At the same time, the challenges in automotive engineering stack up even faster. Maintaining Automotive Security Standard TISAX and supporting continuous software development by implementing ASPICE simultaneously now become possible thanks to the multi-standard platform.

Infopulse SCM simplifies and optimizes the path to compliance with the industry best practices and standards.

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The telecom sector keeps transforming under the impact of disruptive technologies. The ongoing campaign for the transition to 5G networks brings turbulence into almost every area of the economy.

Telecom security and technical standards are getting more complicated. The SCM solution assists in addressing telecom-specific compliance challenges and achieving corporate governance, integrated risk & compliance management, as well as operational excellence.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure providers are the most regulated sector of the economy. The regulatory landscape is continuously changing in an attempt to address the fast arriving new challenges.

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns not only for the critical infrastructure operators but for their governments too. Infopulse SCM provides a framework for building a strong ISMS and stay abreast of the latest requirements.

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