Critical Infrastructure Protection by Infopulse SCM compliance solution

Critical Infrastructure


The challenges of critical infrastructure protection are growing in number and scale. New threats evolve with the advance of emerging technologies. The increased connectivity exposes more vulnerable points for malicious attacks ever. Given the complexity and continuous change of the regulatory landscape, meeting the mandatory requirements takes a lot of effort and resources. Especially challenging for the critical infrastructure operators is facing the consequences of the past mistakes revealed in the background of the overall standardization process. 


The Infopulse SCM creates a framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity. The ISMS module of the Infopulse SCM fully covers the provisions of BSI IT-Grundschutz and ISO 27001 to comply with the critical infrastructure security requirements.

Critical Infrastructure Protection model by Federal Office for Information Technology, Germany

It offers both clear-cut guidance and the all-in-one critical infrastructure solution for your ISMS implementation. Designed as an integrated modular platform, SCM provides the opportunity to integrate and implement any branch-specific security standards (B3S) developed by the critical infrastructure operators and their associations. 

Compliance check based on BSI IT-Grundschutz

Targeted Infopulse SCM Features

  • Create assets and asset structures by their types, import assets and their attributes from CMDBs or Asset Management systems;
  • Implement and maintain IT security and risk management processes;
  • Monitor compliance activities via ample information-packed dashboards;
  • Track progress and operational execution of all compliance- and risk-related tasks;
  • Report significant IT disruptions to BSI authority;
  • Generate organization-specific reports;
  • Go the easy-to-follow path to critical infrastructure protection certification.
Implementation of ISO 27001
Effective and easy-to-use IT security management system based on the latest standards and regulations - from planning and establishing the security concept to certification. 15 days SCM free trial with unlimited access to all features and components!
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The SCM Starter edition is designed for small businesses or private entrepreneurs to manage compliance with a specific standard or regulation. It provides access to the basic software platform features incorporating one standard of your choice.
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— Core Features
— ISO 27001
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The SCM Professional edition is designed for SMB companies to manage multiple compliance programs covering a variety of standards. It provides full access to all software platform features incorporating multiple standards.
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— Core Features
— Standards import tool
— Risk Management
— Dashboards
— All Reports
— 1 Standard
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The SCM Enterprise edition is designed for enterprises to manage compliance and risk assessment with regard to multiple standards. It provides full access to all software platform features, knowledgebase, with unlimited amount of users.
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— Core Features
— Standards import tool
— Risk Management
— Dashboards
— All Reports
— All Standards
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For Companies with more than 500 Employees
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