May 06, 2019

[News] Successful team vs. business objectives

Lots of theories and practices tell us about the list of characteristics of a thriving team who makes a successful product. Recommendations, outcomes are useful for sure. Nevertheless, what about key factor - people who stand behind the successful product.

Every day we move forward trying to answer the most common HOWs:

  • How to succeed?
  • How to stand out from competitors?
  • How to expand competencies and become better?

But what are the main indications of productive teamwork and delivery of extraordinary results? The first things that come to mind are:

  • Setting and focusing on common business goals, and
  • “Do what you do best!” incorporating the wishes and strengths of each team member while distributing work.

The role of feedback culture is crucial during all stages of development and post-production process as well. The goals will serve as a starting point to build a united team and help businesses reach the objectives. Only PEOPLE who are satisfied with their job, thanks to constant communication with their colleagues, will be able to solve the task of any complexity.

Recent studies show that high-performing agile software development teams are critical. However, any development process (even modern agile methods) doesn’t cover all pain points, and in practice, software development teams can be easily distracted from the main business objectives. That’s why to achieve significant business goals, any team needs coordination.  It will improve the process in general not allowing doing wrong things or the right thing but at the wrong time.

Big Room Planning

Infopulse SCM team is always ready to try out new practices into the development process. We decided to experiment with Big Room Planning to think on the next release deliveries.

What differs Big Room Event from the standard meeting?

The main purpose of conducting this open meeting for Infopulse SCM was to bring all engaged specialists together. Business owners and stakeholders, subject field specialists and development team had a chance to align business strategy with the development process. 

The meeting started with the presentation of business vision and objectives for the next release. It followed with the explanation of Feature Backlog priorities and feature requirements.


Majority of time is set aside for the scrum teams. They were working together to create product development plans clearly defining sprints work for the next Product Release.

Agile Manifesto tells “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.” This phrase expresses the uniqueness of the planning where all participants communicate with each other face-to-face, sitting in one Big Room.

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