Feb 05, 2021

How to Eliminate Challenges When Building a Compliance Strategy? Turnkey solution from wibocon GmbH and Infopulse SCM

Comprehensive LIVE workshop on how to identify and address real-live challenges while building a compliance strategy
Compliance challenges

As the regulatory environment becomes more demanding, the number of challenges businesses are facing increases continuously. Add unpredictable business landscape and growing non-compliance consequences resulting in security issues, fines, and brand reputation.

Together with our consultancy partner wibocon GmbH, we invite you to an exclusive workshop where you will learn how to address real-life obstacles when building compliance strategies effectively.


  • TOP challenges based on 25 years of experience of our partner wibocon
  • The practical solution from a consultancy perspective
  • Tool-driven approach to compliance strategy using Infopulse SCM: live demonstration
  • Q&A session

Get instant answers to your compliance pain points during the workshop from our experts:

  • Markus Willems, CEO of wibocon GmbH
  • Jan Keil, Infopulse SCM
  • Andriana Piniak, Infopulse SCM

Time and Date: February 24, 2021, at 13:00 CET

Language: German

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