Aug 15, 2019

Infopulse Joins the Ranks of Reputable Cyber Security Association

We are proud to inform that Infopulse has become a member of Cyber-Security Council Germany.

Cyber-Security Council Germany is a Berlin-based cybersecurity association founded in 2012. Its members are IT enterprises, critical infrastructure operators, cybersecurity experts, and policymakers.

The basic objective of the organization is consulting public agencies, businesses, and NGOs on the cybersecurity issues, best practices, and techniques to resist cyber-attacks. It provides a cybersecurity knowledge platform, forum, and network for its members.

For Infopulse it is a great opportunity to contribute to the global cybersecurity process. We will increase our presence in the European and international cybersecurity initiatives and projects.

The Cyber-Security Council membership enables Infopulse to participate in the host of collaborative activities: 

  • Cybersecurity events, conferences, and forums;
  • Working groups focusing on cybersecurity challenges and approaches;
  • Extensive networking to identify emerging cyber threats;
  • Expert advice for public and business leaders;
  • Education activities on cybersecurity;
  • Awareness campaigns;
  • Research, analysis, and reports;
  • Commenting on regulatory provisions related to data protection and security;
  • And more.

Cybersecurity is a worldwide growing concern. Uniting our efforts, sharing expertise demonstrate the benefits of working as a team to defend ourselves from the growing number of attacks against both public and private sector. If we do not do this, the attackers will always have the upper hand in the battle.

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