Infopulse SCM as an Integrated Platform

Infopulse SCM is a 360° solution designed to support any standard any process across industries. It covers primary IT security and data protection standards. Industry-specific regulations can be easily uploaded as well. SCM helps companies of all sizes reach the efficiency of compliance and risk management processes.

The tool is a perfect match for IT security experts, compliance/data protection officers, and C-level executives. Moreover, our modular solution supports flexible integration possibilities with ServiceNow, SAP, i-doit, etc.
Move one step forward with an automated compliance solution.

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Features & Benefits

Infopulse SCM implements a suite of configurable GRC features and controls. Intuitive user interface and real-time dashboards with rich data visualization enhance the user experience.

With a set of the most demanded pre-integrated standards, Infopulse SCM offers a set of around-compliance functionality, including Asset Inventory, Compliance and Risk Management, Reporting & Monitoring, and Task Manager, etc.

Besides saving time and cost, Infopulse SCM offers many essential benefits. By consolidating data, processes, and controls, all in one center, it increases data visibility, simplifies compliance, and risk management. As an integrated platform, the SCM solution gives its users a unique experience of flexibility through all stages of the project, from implementation to certification.

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Risk Management

Risk Management process is a critical requirement for the organization’s continuous operation. The cost of leaving this area out of attention is high. Implementation of the efficient Risk Management plan meets numerous challenges on the way.

Infopulse SCM provides features for maintaining a continuous Risk Management process, incl. Risk Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment.

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Product Roadmap

With 2000 in-house software engineers and Quarterly-based releases there is no need for SCM customers to monitor new regulation changes of pre-integrated standards, SCM sticks to the tendencies and keeps clients updated!

The Infopulse SCM team follows the trends on the GRC market and pays attention to customer needs, to make their compliance path smooth and transparent.

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Ready for KRITIS

How you can protect your organization against continuously evolving threats with the all-in-one critical infrastructure solution for your ISMS implementation?

Create a framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity with Infopulse SCM and get a clear-cut guidance for your ISMS. Integrate and implement any branch-specific security standards developed by the critical infrastructure operators and their associations.

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Architecture & Design

As an advanced solution, Infopulse SCM is developed basing on the newest industry practices for product development and the modern tech stack. With a secure-by-design approach in its core, it will ensure customer’s systems security level as well.

We also combine agile and traditional project management methodology for the quick, effective, and efficient implementation of our product according to the customer’s business needs.

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