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Transform a tiresome compliance management process into a strategic business advantage with SCM. An intuitive modern user interface, comfortable to handle controls, quarterly feature updates, and multi-language support – Infopulse SCM contains a host of functionalities combined in one tool.

While its core function is to implement and manage compliance with pre-integrated standards or custom policies and procedures, Infopulse SCM offers its users so much more!

Schedule and run internal compliance audits automatically on a regular basis to get up-to-date compliance status. Obtain a detailed risk assessment and cost analysis to compare risks vs cost of controls for the assets in use. Get quick onboarding support and help via numerous tutorials, videos, webinars, and the personal contact with us!

Infopulse SCM: Features and Benefits

Inventory Analysis

  • Governance structure from the process and/or assets perspective;
  • Transparent and flexible asset management through tree structure or flat table format;
  • Import of assets from Asset management and CMDB systems;
  • Creation of assets structure and its related data;
  • Grouping of assets into pre-defined groups and sub-groups;
  • Automatic linking of related compliance rules to the asset groups;
  • Individual asset groups creation and linking of their compliance rules.
  • High-customization and flexibility of setting up the inventory registers with the help of custom fields, adding all necessary individual information.


Flexible asset structure and the adaptable model will allow you to easily coordinate and optimize the diversity and complexity of assets in line with the organization’s objectives and priorities.

Compliance Management

  • ISMS (based on IT-Grundschutz/ISO27001/27002), Data Protection (GDPR, PIA/DPIA), EMS (ISO14001), BCM (ISO22301), Industry-specific (ASPICE, PCI DSS) and Custom-Specific compliance modules;
  • Import tool to upload any standards or regulation to the system;
  • Management of multiple compliance programs and projects across the organization;
  • Analytical Grids with the ability to manipulate, arrange, bulk-edit, sort, and filter the data.
  • Requirements and controls catalogs grouped by common criteria;
  • Automatic compliance status calculations;
  • Corrective and preventive actions planning;
  • Delegation of tasks across roles and people in the organization.


A holistic view across compliance programs, projects, and assets with built-in compliance standards and regulations knowledge database, recommendations, and best practices. You do not need to keep track of the regulations changes, the new version of a standard will come with each new SCM release.

Risk Management

  • Adaptable catalog of threats specific to individual organization;
  • Prioritized risk identification to protect critical assets, identification of threats and vulnerabilities;
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation providing the risk-level matrix-based both on threat probability and its individual impact;
  • Risk mitigation and flexible threat mapping to controls and safeguards;
  • Automatic risk acceptance for pre-defined risk groups;
  • Customizable risk matrix (4 or 5 dimensions);
  • Analytical Grids with the ability to manipulate, arrange, bulk-edit, sort, and filter the data.


Improved decision making, risk reduction & successful business strategies

Reporting & Monitoring

  • All needed basic report templates included;
  • User-defined reports library;
  • Export report for further processing or communication, formats Excel or CSV;
  • Dashboards (individual customizable) to track multiple data sources, to monitor and analyze current project progress.
  • Automation of the report generation periodically, e.g., daily, weekly, monthly via SCM Bot “Helga”;
  • Extended reporting possibilities using custom fields and analytical grids.


Improved efficiency and clarity with one-click generated individual or company-specific reports, providing comprehensive snapshots of the compliance performance and state.

Task Management

  • Create tasks for each compliance and risk aspect;
  • Assign priorities, start/end dates to tasks;
  • Assign responsible people, including LDAP users;
  • Set email notifications;
  • Filter tasks basing on their attributes, e.g. by status, due dates, responsible people, etc.;
  • View and edit task details;
  • Add comments to a task;
  • Attach documents to tasks.
  • Receive the overview of the task statuses and send reminders to the responsible parties via SCM Bot.


Control and transparency over operational execution of tasks

Document Management

  • Store relevant documents directly in SCM (e.g. documentation, policy details, proof of evidence) and manage them via links to documents from 3rd party DMS;
  • Support of  documentation for the ISMS-specific business processes;
  • Version control: the data content of past reporting years is audit-proofed.


Consolidate your documentation and evidence in one place.


  • Data consolidation from various business platforms;
  • Integration with CMDB and Asset Management systems (e.g. i-doit, GLPI, MS System Center);
  • Integration with SAP, ServiceNow, Microsoft Sharepoint, and other systems through API (REST) and  native-client database connections;
  • Data import and export in different formats.


Avoid human errors, increase quality, reduce time, and maintain visibility across compliance requirements and policies.


  • Automatic linking of the related compliance rules to the asset groups;
  • Automatic compliance status calculations;
  • Automatic risk acceptance for pre-defined risk groups;
  • Automatic snapshots of the past & current compliance activities with the aim to compare data for analysis;
  • Automation of the tasks status overviews and sending reminders to the responsible parties via SCM Bot;
  • Data consolidation from various business platforms;
  • Automation of report generation periodically, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, via SCM Bot “Helga”.


Automated compliance workflow – increasing productivity and eliminating manual work and human errors. Simplification of operational compliance routine with the SCM Bot.

System basics

  • Access and permission management;
  • Extensive logging of changes;
  • Localization in English and German;
  • Multi-platform compatible (Microsoft, Linux);
  • Multiple database support: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL;
  • Available on-premise or in the cloud;
  • Secure backup and restoration of all data;
  • Onboarding wizard directly in the system.


Optimized cost and modern approach for product delivery and maintenance.

Built as a fast, easy-to-use and intelligent solution, Infopulse SCM is more than just an application. It is an integrated, holistic and flexible security compliance platform. Due to its modular design, SCM gives you incredible freedom and guidance to create your own individual compliance system best fitting your business needs.

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