Product Roadmap

Adhering firmly to the agile development methodology, Infopulse manages its Infopulse SCM releases on a quarterly basis. This approach enables us to provide continuous delivery of new added values. To keep this pace, Infopulse can manifold scale up its development teams any time when needed.

Moreover, we make a special emphasis on the significance of our customers’ contribution. Infopulse always encourages its customers to take part in further product development with their feedback on the desired improvements. Such collaboration creates synergic effect from which all parties benefit.

Infopulse SCM roadmap
Infopulse SCM Roadmap

Strategic Directions for future Product development:

  • Implementation of new standards
  • Continuous enhancement of the existing features or adding new ones based on customers’ feedback
  • Automation of the compliance and risk management processes
  • Extention of the Data Model and data management improvement
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