Automate your daily compliance routine with SCM Bot “Helga”:  your new personal compliance assistant.

“Helga” is a brand new service built into our GRC solution Infopulse SCM. She will enable you to optimize the efficiency of your compliance operations.

She is here to save your time and efforts when streamlining business processes by automating such routine activities as:

  • generating new reports,
  • preparing multiple emails,
  • scheduling notifications.

Just set the main parameters to Helga of what you need: which data to collect, whom, and when to send it. And she’ll do it for you.  

Less routine. More efficiency!

How to Improve Your Compliance Operations with Your Personal Assistant

The following main functions will make compliance operations easier and faster:

  • Automation of the repetitive work by setting up recurring emails with Infopulse SCM data, e.g., weekly/monthly reports periodically;
  • Control over the processes and their statuses, e.g., receiving the overview of the tasks statuses and sending reminders to the responsible parties;
  • Tracking on changes, e.g., getting snapshots of today’s status of assets compared to those one month/s ago.

During the next release, we will make Helga even smarter and empowered by AI. You will be able to chat with her and receive answers to your questions immediately.

Practical Implementation of Helga SCM Bot

Regular reports for management. Send scheduled emails when needed.

You can send daily emails of the status updates of assets which require attention, i.e., Status – Partly Implemented, Not Implemented, Untreated.

Controlling the tasks and their status. Get automated notifications on status changes.

Deliver notifications about changes in the operations to the people involved. Configure Helga to send information about all changes in compliance status, i.e., for the past week once a week right before the board meeting.

Snapshots of the past & current compliance activities. Compare data for analysis and enhancement of the previously implemented ISMS.

Baselining (making data snapshots) and comparing data in a meaningful way is essential for effective compliance. Helga can arrange to compare versions of Concepts in the SCM.

Data consolidation from various business platforms. Breakdown the silo.

SCM Bot can collect and combine data from multiple sources or applications and combine them into a single notification, for example, to list the IT assets for which no support tickets in Jira exists.

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