Data Protection Kit

SCM Data Protection Kit is here to help you adhere to Data Protection regulations quickly by reusing the experience of organizations with successfully implemented data protection management systems. 

SCM Kit enables a tool-supported implementation approach of your data protection strategy with Infopulse SCM as a basic software.

Features and Benefits of the SCM Data Protection Tool

  • Predefined typical organizational structure – choose relevant elements without creating every single one of them from scratch. 
  • Ready-to-use list of processing activities to meet the requirements of GDPR Art 30. 
  • All components required for quick PIA assessment. 
  • Catalog of threats relevant to Data protection scenarios. 
  • Catalog of controls related to Data protection requirements.
  • One-click generation of Records of processing activities report (Article 30).
  • Creation of PIA assessment reports (Article 35) at the push of a button.
  • Clear and comprehensive explanation how to meet GDPR requirements with the SCM Kit.
  • Free one-hour workshop with our GDPR expert addressing actual needs of your organization and answering specific (individual) questions.

The Data Protection Kit was developed in close cooperation our trusted partner expertree consulting.

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