IT-Grundschutz Starter Kit

IT-Grundschutz Kit is a predefined quickstart solution for fast implementation of the information security system according to IT-Grundschutz

The Compliance Aspekte Kit provides you with all the ready-to-go structure, necessary tools, documentation, and guidelines, you need to implement an ISMS yourself and meet IT-Grundschutz compliance. The solution is offered on-premise and software-as-a-service (SAAS).

Start your ISMS compliance journey with the best practices kit from our experts, which already contains most of the data you need.


  • ISMS Concept model: preset typical infrastructure of a company – choose only relevant assets without creating them from scratch.
  • Automatic assignment of requirements according to IT-Grundschutz.
  • Predefined levels of protection that you can choose and easily switch between them (Basic, Standard, Core).
  • Automatic calculation of the conformity status.
  • Analytical table view with bulk editing options. 
  • Risk analysis and assessment using a risk matrix.
  • All the basic reporting templates you need.

*This option includes one user and one compliance standard in the tool. If you need to add more features in the Kit, we are glad to make you an offer. Please contact us

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