IT-Grundschutz Starter Kit

SCM IT-Grundschutz Kit is a predefined quickstart solution for fast implementation of the information security system according to BSI IT-Grundschutz. 

The SCM Kit provides you with all the ready-to-go structure, necessary tools, documentation, and guidelines, you need to implement an ISMS yourself and meet BSI IT-Grundschutz compliance. The solution is offered on-premise and software-as-a-service (SAAS).

Start your ISMS compliance journey with the best practices kit from our experts, which already contains most of the data you need.


  • ISMS Concept model: preset typical infrastructure of a company – choose only relevant assets without creating them from scratch.
  • Automatic assignment of requirements according to IT-Grundschutz.
  • Predefined levels of protection that you can choose and easily switch between them (Basic, Standard, Core).
  • Automatic calculation of the conformity status.
  • Analytical table view with bulk editing options. 
  • Risk analysis and assessment using a risk matrix.
  • All the basic reporting templates you need.

This option includes one user. If you need to add more options, please contact us.

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