SCM Kit for Universities

Universities are large organizations storing and processing large amounts of personal data bringing the importance of information security in universities to a prio level. Therefore, education institutions have to fulfill exceptionally high requirements for data protection and governmental regulations.

Complex organizational and IT infrastructure, a large number of users and data processing centers, and a variety of data types are only some factors that encouraged the universities in Germany to establish the IT-Grundschutz profile
SCM Kit for Universities is a quick-start solution for practical implementation of IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities to simplify and speed up establishment and maintenance of IT security management system and data protection.

SCM Kit for Universities offers a simple and fast method for educational instances to harden ISMS and/or DPMS via integrated approach. It fully covers setup and maintenance of information security & data protection for universities.

SCM Kit for Universities includes:

  • Predefined typical organizational structure – choose relevant elements without creating every single one of them from scratch.
  • Ready-to-use list of requirements of GDPR Art 30 and IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities. 
  • Implementation of the process map – applications, IT, and Building Infrastructure – with clear assignment of building blocks of the IT-Grundschutz Compendium for universities. 
  • Predefined levels of protection – Basic, Standard, Core – along with corresponding compliance modeling approaches.
  • In-built recommendations for applying the individual building blocks in the university according to IT-Grundschutz Profile for universities.  
  • Straightforward risk analysis functionality for individual risk assessment in case of high protection needs.
  • All necessary components for quick PIA assessment. 
  • Catalogs of threats and controls relevant to IT-Grundschutz Profile and GDPR.
  • One-click report generation: Records of processing activities, PIA assessment reports.
  • Simple and transparent explanation of how to meet GDPR and IT-Grundschutz requirements with the SCM Kit.
  • Free one-hour workshop with an expert addressing your organization’s actual needs and answering specific questions.

SCM Kit for Universities has been developed together with our consulting partner CARMAO GmbH.

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