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With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise, cybersecurity is fast becoming an organizations’ top priority. Many have chosen to mitigate the risk by implementing an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a system of processes, documents, technology, and people that helps organizations manage, monitor and improve their information security in one place.


The ISO 27001 standard serves as a foundation for building an Information Security Management System. Our Starter Edition is a simple step towards the assessment of your organization’s information security controls against ISO 27001 standard requirements. Standards Compliance Manager will help you establish effective management of ISMS process and protect your organization from cybercrime. The tool is designed for IT security and privacy officers, security experts, system administrators, CEOs, and CIOs.

Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager

The SCM tool combines security compliance assessment, risk management, performance control and monitoring as well as a single communication channel, all in one solution.

Feature summary

  • Inventory Analysis;
  • Security Compliance & Risk Management;
  • Compliance assessment according to security and privacy requirements;
  • Automatic mapping of controls to requirements and assets (Сatalog of controls from ISO 27002)
  • Task management and alerts;
  • Performance monitoring through Dashboards;
  • User-defined Reporting;
  • Integration with CMDB and other systems;
  • Import and export of data from/to external systems.

Workflow overview


Processes and workflows related to security requirements implementation are unique to each organization depending on the industry, organization type, integrated systems, and individual data.

Building Information Security management system starts with planning, which includes scope definition, objectives, and processes followed up with the detailed implementation program. This job involves lots of communication and human interaction as well as documenting related evidence and data collected.

Once the scope, objectives, policies and all other relevant data for ISMS implementation (or audit as per ISO 27001) are defined, this information should be consolidated in one place. It is required for fast access to auditors (security officers) as well as for effective communication between managing staff and authorized personnel within your organization.

Features to support the process

  • Implementation action plan, related processes, compliance assessments and evidences to manage in one center;
  • Gap Analysis reports;
  • Security processes and workflows visualization (in Roadmap).

Risk Management

Compliance Assessment and Risk Management are tightly coupled, while Risk Management is an essential part of both ISMS and ISO 27001 auditing. The Standards Compliance Manager helps to design and implement the Risk Management workflow as per ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 Standards.

Features to support the process

  • Adaptable catalog of threats specific to individual organization;
  • Prioritized risk identification to protect critical assets, identification of threats and vulnerabilities;
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation providing the risk-level matrix based both on threat probability and its individual impact on each asset;
  • Risk mitigation and flexible threat mapping to controls and safeguards;
  • Automatic risk acceptance.
Risk Management

Compliance Check

The ISO 27001 compliance check enables you to quickly evaluate the current compliance status of your organization by going through each requirement. Thereby, it significantly lowers the risk of costly certification preparation efforts and pre-audits. An overview of the current security level of all assets can be easily checked at a glance based on their color markings.

Features to support the process

  • Asset Management: easy import and creation of assets structure and related data;
  • Transparent and flexible Asset structure representation;
  • Automatic compliance status assessment;
  • Corrective and preventive actions planning;
  • Post-compliance task management.
Infopulse SCM Compliance Check
Compliance Check
Infopulse SCM Compliance check grid
Compliance check Grid

Monitoring & Adjusting

Information security belongs to the ever-changing domain. There is no “set-it-and-forget-it” solution – security systems must be regularly updated and re-considered for improvement. For efficient ISMS management, ISO 27001 standard requires from organizations establishing, implementing and maintaining a continuous improvement approach that follows the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. This is where the SCM solution brings the most of its value. It helps to keep the system up-to-date, security compliant protecting data integrity. SCM is the tool to provide continuous compliance management, security status monitoring, and audit.

Features that support the process

  • Continuous control of an ISMS compliance with the requirements through dashboards and reports;
  • Automated corrective and preventive actions management though tasks assignments and alerts (in Roadmap).
Real-time Dashboards

Customizable Reports

Flexible reporting feature covers all activities within the system and can be customized to the individual needs of an organization.

The Standards Compliance Manager enables generating any report required under ISO 27001 like Gap Analysis or State of Applicability (SOA).

Features that support the process

  • One-click report generation;
  • Customizable report forms;
  • Support of multiple export formats;
  • Real-time Dashboard and shareable results.
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