BSI IT-Grundschutz


Cybersecurity and threat prevention provisions must be laid in the foundation of any IT project from the onset. Inducing security “by design” becomes a challenge for every IT company in the Digital Age.

Establishing Information Security Management System (ISMS) as a framework aimed to ensure critical availability and resilience of your resources and operations is the first step on the way to your organization’s security transformation.


The modernized BSI IT-Grundschutz presents an Information Security framework for creating adequate protection of all types of information. This comprehensive guide covers all security aspects: technical, organizational, infrastructural, and human.

The Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager (SCM) provides a clear-mapped and easy-to-run path to set up ISMS based on BSI IT-Grundschutz guidelines.

SCM enables organizations to embed security provisions into their projects from the ground level.  As a GRC platform, SCM supports managing compliances with multiple pre-integrated or user-defined standards including BSI IT-Grundschutz.

Easy steps to set up ISMS based on IT- Grundschutz with Infopulse SCM

BSI It-Grundschutz Infopulse SCM
BSI IT-Grundschutz ISMS Model


  • Implementing an efficient ISMS based on BSI IT-Grundschutz 2019 increases trust in your customers, partners, and other contact audiences.
  • Continuous monitoring of internal processes, vulnerabilities and risks provides a true view on the organization’s security status enabling a proper allocation of its resources.
  • Regular security compliance audits, as well as risk assessments, open up the hidden potential for improvement in the organization’s procedures and workflow processes.
  • Constant update of the system with regard to current changes in the international legislation landscape ensures the organization’s compliance with the latest security requirements.

GSTOOL Alternative

BSI developed GSTOOL software for experienced users of the IT-Grundschutz Manual (“GS” in GSTOOL stands for “Grundschutz”). BSI GSTOOL enables organizations to optimize the internal processes, improve IT operations, and increase the security level in the most efficient way. Due to a lack of business profitability, the further development of the GSTOOL was stopped.

Apart from its official GSTOOL, BSI licenses third-party vendor solutions to work with the IT-Grundschutz Manual. The SCM is listed at BSI Group official website as a trustworthy alternative to BSI GSTOOL. The organizations with experience of using the BSI GSTOOL will appreciate SCM features and extended functionality.

Infopulse SCM Feature Summary

  • Import function for asset inventory and CMDB;
  • Import of own catalogues;
  • Import from GS tool;
  • Data export function for enhanced reporting;
  • Detailed implementation notes and documentation storage;
  • Version control and audit trail;
  • Individual and standard dashboarding.

Add-on features:

  • Custom standards and catalogs uploads;
  • Import function of existing client data from excels and other systems.
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